Applications of graphene in Energy and Biomedicals

Graphene-enhanced lithium ion batteries could be used in higher energy usage applications now, like in smartphones, laptops and tablet PCs. Graphene has a great potential of being used at a low cost, flexible and highly efficient photovoltaic devices due to its excellent electron-transport properties and carrier mobility. Single or multi-layered Graphene, with less agglomeration, exhibit a higher effective surface area and better properties. In hydrogen storage, hydrogen plays an important role as energy carriers. As a fuel of choice, it is light weight, contains high energy density and emits no-harmful chemical by-products, therefore hydrogen is considered as a green energyGraphene oxide has excellent characteristics as a nanomaterial for drug delivery. Using the fluorescence super-quenching ability of graphene, novel fluorescence resonance energy transfer biosensors could be developed. Cancer therapy is made by exploration of graphene in drug delivery by in vitro tests. For clinical cancer and other disease treatment, in vivo behaviour of graphene loaded with drugs is observed to be implemented.

  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Solarcells
  • Supercapictor energy storage
  • Hydrogen storage and fuel cells
  • Drug delivery and Gene delivery
  • Biosensors and Bio imaging

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